Host, Rethink and Operate COBOL Apps in the Cloud, Linux or Windows.

CobolCloud is the most advanced open-source COBOL solution to Host, Rethink and Operate your COBOL applications in the Cloud, Linux or Windows. Derived from COBOL-IT’s latest open-source version, this fork created in 2022 targets the main COBOL dialects allowing recompilation with no modification of the source code.

Our distribution includes a compact and powerful COBOL compiler designed for the Cloud and open systems, numerous tools for developers and many others for flawless use of your COBOL apps in production.

Not ready yet for the Cloud? Don’t panic: with CobolCloud easily move your COBOL applications to Linux, reduce your costs, and secure your investments – You’ll be able to switch to the Cloud whenever you want: your application will be ready!

Welcome to CobolCloud!


Whatever the origin of your COBOL application, it can be recompiled easily and hosted in the Cloud, Linux or Windows. Follow the recommendations of the Conversion Guide and certify your application yourself with CobolCloud! Our engineers and partners are also available to achieve this first step. Wherever your COBOL application comes from, we have the tools, methodology and a network of Certified Partners to give it a new life in the Cloud!


Consider any type of transformation whatever you wish! Dare componentization. Re-architect your heritage and take advantage of CobolCloud’s possibilities. COBOL applications can also operate as-is without modification in the Cloud, Linux or Windows. Mainframe based? Upgrade after remodeling. Use 3rd party certified solutions with CLD and the latest open-source products. Think differently, interconnect your COBOL apps to the best of the Cloud! Switch from the traditional to the latest available technologies!


Let your COBOL applications benefit from the world of the Cloud without restrictions! Use the newest tools and benefit from the services offered by our specialist partners. Take advantage of open-source offers to manage your CobolCloud applications! Enter the era of CI/CD, manage your containers, automate, secure your processing, and supervise your activity with the latest reporting tools!

About CobolCloud

CobolCloud : the next logical step for your COBOL apps!

Host, Rethink and Operate COBOL apps in the Cloud, Linux or on Windows servers. It’s that simple!

CobolCloud provides a highly adaptable, high-performance COBOL compiler, runtime, and supporting toolset engineered to serve your current and future needs.

CobolCloud has been created by the world’s best specialists in COBOL application modernization. After years of successes in various worldwide leading enterprises, their founders have naturally created a company bringing together what you can find best to integrate your COBOL applications into any emergent architecture: open-source stack, leading software, certifications with the best-of-breed 3rd party tools, technical partners and an international network of Technical Hubs.

Embrace the future, control your costs and simplify your challenges with CobolCloud!

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