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Host, Rethink and Operate COBOL Apps in the Cloud, Linux or Windows.


The first step is to move your COBOL apps to the new target platform. Several solutions must be considered when hosting an application in the Cloud, Linux or Windows. A few questions need to be answered before any decision is made:

The answers to these questions will drive the project in different directions:


Whether your target is the Cloud or an open system, re-hosting is by far the lowest cost and lowest risk way to begin your journey. The re-hosting effort is designed to minimize change, which reduces development, documentation, and training costs. Re-hosting seeks to be transparent to the end-user.

Deeper Migration

Migration is a more intrusive solution but provides the advantage of replacing different elements of the solution stack with a wider range of solutions. Depending on the profile of the COBOL apps, the transaction monitors could either be removed or simply replaced by a lighter solution. The file access and database can be combined, and the new system architecture can be the first step in a move to a micro-services-oriented application. 

In both cases, the primary elements of the migration stage are:

CobolCloud partners can assist you in rebuilding your application in the Cloud, Linux or Windows.

CobolCloud is highly compatible with Micro Focus and IBM COBOL. It is fully compatible with COBOL-IT while providing new and powerful tools. It is also compatible with market leading database and transaction monitor solutions, sorting tools and any other component to be included in your solutions stack.

CobolCloud provides access to a containerized environment to compile and test your enterprise application using the CLD compiler and its runtime with just a few clicks. In this part of your journey to the Cloud, you can raise questions with our partners, refine the solution stack best-suited for your needs and ultimately confirm the successful move of your application to the Cloud!


Now that your apps are on another platform, what next steps do you have in mind? At CobolCloud we believe there is an infinite number of possible next steps. We encourage you to Rethink your legacy apps in a general IT schema dedicated to the Cloud. 

Even if you have not yet developed the vision of your legacy apps divided into a multitude of modules to be inserted into a more ambitious IT master plan, a powerful modernization remains possible.

In this context, the word modernization could be easily replaced by interconnect, integrate or rethink, reinvent, redesign, re-engineer, … or any other modern concept you like!

Based on your situation, CobolCloud partners can help you to identify a path forward. Commonly used Rethinking of COBOL applications includes:

Redesigning and dividing your application into a multitude of modules will allow you to take advantage of the native Cloud architecture. Your apps’ components become Cloud standard and match with the other modules available in the Cloud, Linux or Windows.

Blow up your borders, think bigger ! You’re in the Cloud !


Trying to list all the existing solutions to manage, control and secure applications in the Cloud would be pointless as this domain is dynamic and constantly evolving. The incredible growth of emerging technologies allows the management of applications in the Cloud in a modern way that cannot be replicated on any other platform. We team-up with partners to build and secure your production infrastructure:

Embrace the future, control your costs and simplify your challenges with CobolCloud!