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AFD chooses CobolCloud to modernize its COBOL applications

Paris, May 22nd, 2023 – CobolCloud Press Release : For the modernization of its strategic applications, AFD has chosen CobolCloud as its new COBOL solution.

Committed to the modernization of its strategic COBOL applications, AFD has defined an ambitious renovation plan operating on Linux Red Hat and built on an open source stack, consisting of EBS’ modernization software solutions, PostgreSQL database, Java for new developments and CobolCloud solutions for the rehosting and modernization of COBOL applications.

“CobolCloud is the latest generation of COBOL tools, fully modular. It allows on the one hand, the recompilation of existing applications without modifying the source code, and on the other hand, the integration of these applications with the latest technologies available on Windows, Linux, and of course in the Cloud,” says Stéphane Croce, founder, and CEO of CobolCloud.

“Large companies are today focused on controlling the operating costs of their information systems. They also want to rethink their applications entirely, taking advantage of all the new emerging technologies, to replace parts that are too expensive or unsuitable for today’s standards,” adds Stéphane Croce.

This project led by Inetum Modernisation Solutions, is jointly executed by EBS (European Business Solutions), providing its software suite dedicated to the modernization of business-critical applications, and CobolCloud toolset that includes its COBOL compiler, its development Workbench and CLDSQL, its smart pre-compiler for PostgreSQL database.

About CobolCloud: CobolCloud provides a highly adaptable, high-performance COBOL compiler, runtime, and supporting toolset engineered to serve current and future needs of its customers and partners.

CobolCloud has been created by the world’s best specialists in COBOL application modernization. After years of successes in various worldwide leading enterprises, their founders have naturally created a company bringing together what you can find best to integrate COBOL applications into any emergent architecture: open-source stack, leading software, certifications with the best-of-breed 3rd party tools, technical partners and an international network of Technical Hubs.

For more information: www.cobolcloud.io   

Contact: [email protected] 

About AFD: AFD Group contributes to the implementation of France’s policies for sustainable development and international solidarity. The Group includes Agence Française de Développement (AFD), which finances the public sector, NGOs, research and training; its subsidiary Proparco, which is dedicated to the private sector; and Expertise France, a technical cooperation agency. The Group finances, supports and accelerates the transitions needed for a fairer, more resilient world.

With our partners, we are building shared solutions with and for the people in more than 150 countries, as well as in 11 French Overseas Departments and Territories. As part of the commitment of France and the French people to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, our teams are at work on more than 4,800 projects in the field. Our objective is to reconcile economic development with the preservation of common goods, from peace, the climate and biodiversity to health, education and gender equality. Towards a world in common.

For more information: www.afd.fr/en

Legacy Systems, AI or how to retrieve the Intentions of the Original Programmer

Debating the necessity of moving away from mainframe and COBOL because experts are becoming scarce is a misconception. The real thorn in the side of modern businesses is the loss of control over their legacy applications. These applications, often managed by experts navigating blindly, are offered miracle cures that only thicken the technological fog and increase technical debt.

EBS Integrates with CobolCloud to improve legacy migrations to Cloud

PARIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--EBS, a full-service provider of legacy migration, modernization, and optimization solutions, today announced the successful completion of CobolCloud certification with the EBS legacy modernization software suite.

CobolCloud : Innovation and Tradition in Harmony

CobolCloud presents itself as a bold initiative, redefining the use of COBOL for the modern era. This platform is designed to host, rethink, and operate COBOL applications, not only in the Cloud but also on Linux or Windows. This approach aims to fully leverage the potential of current technologies, marking a significant step towards profound and pragmatic transformations.