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Sovereignty – Technological Autonomy and Foreign Interference: The impossible challenge?

Faced with the goal of technological autonomy advocated by the President Emmanuel Macron and the Minister of Digital Affairs, Marina Ferrari, the reality contrasts starkly with the dominance of foreign tech giants over our critical data and processes. These multinational companies, deeply aligned with their own national legislations and driven by their economic patriotism, create a significant gap between French aspirations for digital sovereignty and the existing technological landscape.

The Internal Threat to Legacy Systems

The situation becomes even more concerning for legacy systems, which are the backbone of critical sectors such as healthcare, insurance, and banking. These systems often manage sensitive data and processes through tools controlled by foreign venture capital entities. This reality confronts us with an internal threat: the cores of our information systems, essential for protecting our data, are already under foreign influence. By investing heavily in foreign proprietary software, we have not only compromised our sovereignty but also opened the door to potential exfiltration of sensitive data by actors who may not be allies of France. In a geopolitical landscape marked by an increased threat of cyberattacks, the security of our national interests is thus jeopardized from within.

CobolCloud at the Heart of Systems Modernization

Modernizing legacy applications is essential to rejuvenate our systems while ensuring their security and functionality. This task is made difficult by the significant technical debt accumulated over the years. CobolCloud, a French company, stands out as a central figure in this transformation. It provides tailored solutions for modernizing COBOL applications. CobolCloud’s approach, based on an open-source compiler/transpiler, promises a seamless transition to modern architectures without compromising the security or integrity of the original systems, while also managing costs effectively.

A Delayed Awareness of the Need for Digital Independence

It is alarming to observe the delayed awareness of the necessity for digital independence, a delay that is even more surprising given that other nations, such as Japan, have already made the protection of their current information systems a national priority. These countries are favoring open-source solutions and securing their data with reliable and manageable technologies.

The Urgent Need to Support Digital Independence

Ultimately, despite promises made, our data and processes remain vulnerable, entrusted to foreign powers whose intentions may not align with ours. This precarious situation highlights the critical importance of supporting initiatives like CobolCloud, which are essential for advancing towards true digital independence. With Jean-Noël Barrot having left without fully achieving his goals, it is crucial for Marina Ferrari to embrace this cause and place digital sovereignty at the forefront of her priorities. For more information, visit https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7075384880330596352/.

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AFD chooses CobolCloud to modernize its COBOL applications

Paris, May 22nd, 2023 - CobolCloud Press Release : For the modernization of its strategic applications, AFD has chosen CobolCloud as its new COBOL solution.

CobolCloud : Innovation and Tradition in Harmony

CobolCloud presents itself as a bold initiative, redefining the use of COBOL for the modern era. This platform is designed to host, rethink, and operate COBOL applications, not only in the Cloud but also on Linux or Windows. This approach aims to fully leverage the potential of current technologies, marking a significant step towards profound and pragmatic transformations.

Le Legacy, l’IA ou comment retrouver l’intention du Programmeur Premier

Débattre de la nécessité de quitter le mainframe et COBOL parce que les experts se font rares est une idée fausse. La véritable épine dans le pied des entreprises modernes est la perte de maîtrise sur leurs applications historiques. Ces dernières, souvent conseillées par des experts naviguant à vue, se voient proposer des remèdes miracle qui ne font qu’épaissir le brouillard technologique et alourdir la dette technique.